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An important goal for all businesses is to establish a foundation for themselves as leaders in the local community.  Such a foundation allows for a business to showcase their character against the other respected leaders that reside in the locality, enabling them to build a positive reputation that will eventually precede them.  A great way for businesses to achieve this is by routinely participating in homegrown events like luncheons and seminars.  For years, JDi Data has regularly attended the Broward County Bar Association’s (BCBA) luncheons and conferences as guests in order to show our continued support for the community.  This is why JDi is excited to announce our new position as annual sponsors of the BCBA.
The BCBA is a not-for-profit organization that was first founded in 1925 with the goals, “To foster courtesy, ethics, and professionalism among Broward County lawyers, to educate the citizens of Broward County on their legal rights, and to provide necessary legal services to Broward County’s residents.”  Since then, they have done a fine job at representing the best interests of the community and have continued to facilitate an association that native attorneys can call home.  One of ways they accomplish this is by hosting CLE (continuing legal education) credited events that are specifically geared toward members in the general area.  In doing so, they created a fun, fresh environment where attendees can network with one another and earn their required continuing education credits.
As new annual sponsors, JDi is eager to foster the development of our first upcoming CLE luncheon, Time Is Money, which will be hosted on July 18, 2017 at the BCBA offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  The event will be focused towards small law offices and solo attorneys who may not be large enough to retain a separate time and billing department.  It will cover a range of topics such as, how to distinguish between billable and non-billable expenses, invoicing, calendaring & scheduling, additional expenses, and on how technology is available to streamline these processes and make law firms more efficient.  The luncheon will be from 12 – 1:30 pm, will cost $15, and will provide attendees with both a CLE and technology credit.  The panelist will include Founder/Chairman of JDi Data, Mr. James DeRosa, the CEO of JDi, moderator Joe Wolczanski, and a number of reputable lawyers, Woog, Toolen, Gage, & Duffy.
If you’re unable to attend the luncheon, don’t worry, there’s still going to be plenty of future opportunities to take advantage of everything that JDi Data and the BCBA has to offer.  Including the upcoming installation dinner this month on the 17th.  As of now, the tentative schedule also includes:

  • New Attorney Orientation – October
  • New BCBA Member Reception – November
  • Annual Holiday Party – December
  • Workers Compensation Seminar – February ’18