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The Big Apple is the city that never sleeps, nor stops building! With so much happening within the construction industry, it’s hard to keep track of all construction changes taking place. Of course, with any great building comes great responsibility and MC Consultants is the go-to expert for all things related to construction consulting.

Tri-State Region Construction Litigation Seminar and Industry Networking Party in The Big Apple

On November 19th, they will be hosting the Tri-State Region Construction Litigation Seminar and Industry Networking Party in New York! This educational event will be held at the Marriott Downtown and it’s FREE to register! 

Tri-State Region Construction Litigation Seminar in The Big Apple

MC Consultants will be speaking on a variety of topics related to construction defects, risk management, issues arising out of construction-related claims, and more.

The official brochure breaks down the full list of events and activities taking place throughout the day. It’s going to be an invaluable opportunity to learn about topics related to construction litigation from a highly respected industry leader that has been in.


JDi Data has been a sponsor of MC Consultants for many years. Throughout this long-term partnership, we have supported a variety of events all over the country. For the first time, JDi Data will be attending one of their events in New York City!

This is a very exciting opportunity for the team, as we will be part of this CLE-approved educational conference along with other members from the construction, financial, and insurance industry. Representing the team will be our head of marketing, Michael Fariello.

We are looking forward to engaging with a wide range of professionals, as well as applying the knowledge gained towards enhancing customer experience.

When: November, 19th, 2015

Where: Marriott Downtown, New York, NY

Construction deficit seminar that went really well.


What Are MC Consultants?

MC Consultants started its business in 1989, and since then has continuously delivered high-quality value to their clients. With a multitude of services provided by their professional staff, they have mastered the art of going above and beyond in customer service.

Each member of the team is unique and brings different experiences and innovative solutions. They have created the company-wide mentality, given the state-of-the-art technology and expertise provided, to ensure an “unmatched total solution” success story for each client they serve.

Aside from pre and post-construction services, they have subdivisions in construction forensics, water intrusion consulting, construction consulting, civil engineering consulting, and environmental consulting.

With a variety of services and its commitment to delivering value for its customers, they created the perfect formula for becoming the leading experts in their industry.