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A platform for risk managers

Keeping track of hundreds, if not thousands of certificates of insurance (COI) can be an incredibly time-consuming task. Having a program that can track, upload, and automatically alert the user when coverages are set to expire is essential to ensuring you transfer risk away from your organization and to your vendors. Leveraging decades of experience in insurance, risk, and technology we have built a modern platform for risk managers to eliminate much of the tedious work associated with the management of COI’s.

How Does COiTrax Help My Organization?

Through a series of workflow improvements, we have completely changed the traditional methods of managing COI’s. COiTrax will mitigate your risk, recoup time, and reduce your organization’s overhead by utilizing the following innovative features:

  • “Hands Off Entry”: OCR technology scans all information and uploads it to the vendors’ profile
  • Batch Upload: Inputting one COI at a time is a thing of the past, easily importing hundreds (or thousands) of documents at a time.
  • Automatic Renewal Requests: COiTrax will automatically send request renewal to vendors and update info without user intervention.
  • Security: JDi adheres to the highest level of compliance to ensure your information is secure.
  • Configurable Dashboards: High-level overview showing upcoming coverages by type or date.


COiTrax is more than just a database to store documents, it’s a virtual assistant that will ensure your COI’s remain in compliance by proactively sending out renewals, alerting the user of expiring coverage, and uploading new forms to your vendor’s profile.

Interested in learning more? Of course you are! Contact us today at to start recouping your lost time.