JDi provides vendor cost control for Construction Defect, AI Risk Transfer, Indemnity Defense, Environmental, Asbestos, Tort and Personal Industry. 
While some may assume compliance is second nature to a law firm, the processes and protocols required to keep a law firm compliant are incredibly complex. Maintaining completely accurate data and information is the difference between a credible, successful law firm and a law firm that loses its clients.
Many law firms are consistently battling with a lack of resources and the constraints of operating on outdated, manual system. Hours are easily wasted tracking down loose spreadsheets, re-creating records, or tracking client funds manually. 
JDi’s team of industry experts created a suite of products designed to streamline the daily practices of a law firm. Our premium solution for the legal industry is JDi’s Vendor Cost Control solution. 
Vendor Cost Control is a specialized division of JDi made up of experienced professionals in cost-administration and billing with a proven track record of success with mediators and law firms. 
VCC is a completely customized system designed to allocate invoices to each party for their share of mediation fees. A dedicated case manager sends out monthly bills to each party, collecting funds and sending out a check each month for the collected fees. JDi provides detailed reporting and 24/7 access to all case files on a secure database. 
VCC is a total end to end solution, designed to track and transform large amounts of data into reporting and intelligence analytics. It is the perfect tool for managing split billing and allocation for complex, financial litigation. In fact, JDi is ranked number one for construction defect management cost administration. 
Another challenge for the legal industry is separating billable and non-billable activities. Recognizing where employee hours are spent clearly reveals how revenue is being generated within a firm. JDi offers the ideal solution for tracking activities: TimesManager. 
Times Manager is a cloud-based solution, designed to offer easy accessibility to time and expense slips, split billing, documents, clients, projects and assignments – all with the convenience of real-time access from any device. Lawyers can now streamline their billing through TM’s pre-loaded LEDES, ABA, and UTBMS task code applications – invoices can be categorized and expensed, all from a smartphone. All billable time with clients is accurately tracked through the time tracker to create itemized invoices.