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CTrax Workflow



Certificate of insurance (COI) software streamlines operational processes increasing the productivity and enhancing the efficiency of your workflow.

  • Process Streamlining -The steps of the CTrax software follow an orderly sequence. Unlike other systems’ software, each phase of the process is clearly defined – when one stage is complete you proceed to the next.
  • Information Verification – The system detects missing information and informs the vendor that there is a particular mistake in their data that needs to be corrected.
  • COI Tracking – Trying to maintain awareness of every COI accumulated can become overwhelming, making even the best organizations susceptible to fraudulent activity. This software keeps track of your records, alleviating the pressure associated with managing COI’s.
  • Cost Reduction – The CTrax software virtually eliminates the need for manual intervention, which can become a costly endeavor. The use of multiple data entry clerks to enter, verify, and correct information put into a system can cost thousands of dollars while using CTrax allows you to get it right the first time, cutting overall costs and reducing risk.



Vendor submits COI.  Once a vendor submits their COI, the system will compare against the requirements for that specified type of vendor using JDi’s proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) technology.  For example, the vendor is a food caterer and per previously implemented requirements, a food caterer should have General Liability limits of $1,000,000/$1,000,000.  The system will then compare these limit requirements against what the insured vendor currently has listed on their COI.

Prior to system implementation, requirements that outline the minimum insurance coverages and policies each vendor type should have will be set. Once the COI is submitted, the system verifies that all the conditions are satisfied, then the vendor takes the next step.

STEP TWO (if failed)

If the vendor’s COI does not meet the required limits or information, the CTrax system automatically sends a notification to the vendor to update their COI. The vendor will receive a message detailing the reason(s) why the document was rejected.

Once the error is corrected, the vendor resubmits the certificate, and the COI will go through the verification process again.

STEP TWO (if passed):

The next step is to archive the document within the system. The COI is archived and added to the CTrax database. The database contains a collection of all the insurance certificates collected within the organization which can easily be searched by vendor/contractor name, vendor/contractor type, or by project. The database categorically stores and files the COI for use until their need arises.


The CTrax database will generate a report of all expiring COI. These reports allow your organization to remain aware of your certificates of insurance without diverting important resources to their maintenance. In the event a vendors insurance expires or becomes invalid, your organization along with the vendor themselves will be notified immediately.


CTrax follows up to confirm policy renewals are completed, providing efficiency and competency for your organization.


The vendor submits the renewal certificate for the new term dates and the verification process is then repeated.

The beauty of automation in certificate of insurance tracking

The beauty of the CTrax system is how simple and efficient it is allowing vendors to benefit from the system as well. The system does not need constant third-party supervision to streamline your processes allowing the efforts of your employees to be directed towards the growth of the business and enhance productivity.

Why choose JDi’s CTrax?

JDi Data did not create the “run of the mill” standard business software. CTrax is not only incredibly valuable but also affordable allowing any user to enhance organizational processes regardless of size.

Contact JDi Data Corporation to learn more about lowering your risk with our Certificate of Insurance Tracking Software- CTrax.

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