LinkedIn Discussion of the Week: Best Workers Compensation Cost Containment Tips

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This week’s LinkedIn discussion that sparked our interest was in the Workers Compensation Cost Containment Professional Network  Group. This group is dedicated to professionals in the Workers Compensation Cost Containment industry

This group includes Claims, PBM, Bill Review, MSA, UR, Specialty Pharmacy, SIU, Case Management, PPO, and other Work Comp cost containment professionals. 

The discussion of the week post was started by the group’s owner Jason Simmons.

This Week LinkedIn Discussion

The discussion of the week is an older post but has grown monthly with new additions: Open Discussion – Workers Compensation Cost Containment TIPS.

We would like to put together a list of the best TIPS or IDEAS on Cost Containment. I urge as many of the members as possible to contribute to this discussion

There have been several great contributions to the post including:

  • The most common element to cost containment is educating the employer and patient / claimant… to investigating an injury, promptly referring for medical treatment, to the overall claims process, provide them what is needed.
  • Interdisciplinary review. Safety and Ergonomics need a seat at the table. The easiest claim to manage is the one that has been avoided. Learn from “near-misses”.
  • The most widely impacting factor is still the treating doctors’ behavior regarding diagnosis, treatment choices, drug prescribing, and determining permanent disability ratings.

JDi Data Recommendation

JDi Data recommends a claims management system that empowers the adjuster and employer to be proactive in the work comp claims process in keeping the lines of communication open. This includes a detailed communication between carriers and copies go back to both agents and all parties involved.


What are your best tips and ideas for containing workers’ compensation costs?