LinkedIn Discussion of The Week: What are the top three challenges faced by Insurance Claims Professionals?

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This week’s LinkedIn discussion that sparked our interest was in the Insurance Claims Professionals. This group is intended for individuals who are in the Insurance Claims profession and would like the opportunity to network with other Insurance Claims Professionals.

The discussion of the week post was started by Doug Power Conference Director of the IQPC in Australia

Doug posted:

What are the top three challenges faced by Insurance Claims Professionals?

Good Afternoon Group. I am in the early stages of researching our 6th Annual Claims Processing Forum and I am very keen to ensure the event is a real learning opportunity for the industry that covers all the main challenges faced by Insurance Claims Professionals. If you would kindly take the time to let me know your top three challenges I would be most grateful.

From my research, some of the challenges and learning areas identified include:

  • Enterprise workforce optimization in back-office operations
  • Utilizing data and analytics
  • Automated claims management systems
  • Insurance fraud and reduction of claims costs
  • Claims Leakage
  • Best practice claims processes as a competitive advantage in the industry
  • Process improvement and strategies for effective implementation
  • Flexible workforce strategies – workforce optimization
  • Strategies to resolve large and complex claims whilst retaining customer satisfaction
  • Reducing touchpoints streamlining operations
  • Retaining and attracting customers
  • Protecting your data and reputation

The Answers

The answers have excellent eye-openers:

Retaining and attracting customers, insurance fraud and reducing claims costs, best practice claims processes as a competitive advantage, out of control litigation costs and expert fees, very poor corporate operational and processing policies, and the failure to recognize the need for change and/or refusal to make the necessary changes when recognized, inexperienced executives, management and claims representatives, all of which eventually resulting in poor claim decision making, and increased cost.

What additional items would you include in this list?