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JDi Data is active in Linkedin groups. Are you?

Several JDi Data team members have been joining two LinkedIn groups which we highly recommend – the Construction Defect Claims & Coverage group and the Workers’ Comp group. 

JDi Data LinkedIn Activity

At JDi Data we think that it’s important to listen to what is affecting our community – what our community members feel about hot topics and new issues. We think that one of the best ways to do this is through specialized Linkedin groups.

The Construction Defect Claims Coverage group

The Construction Defect Claims Coverage group covers a variety of topics – being a very large group – such as citing new coverage decisions, handling claims, and the ruling for Chinese drywall deaths for example. All very topical. 

Workers’ Comp group

And the same amount of relevance can be seen in the Workers’ Comp group as they discuss “addressing the ongoing challenges with medical fee schedules for Workers’ Compensation” and how Montana, Oklahoma, and Kansas are handling worker’s comp issues.

Our JDi Data members have found a strong quality of engagement in both LinkedIn groups. Members actively use the groups to communicate, learn, and grow. At JDi Data we find that perfect use of social media – and a great reason why Linkedin can be a strong resource. Why not join us there?