Meet JDi Thought Leader at CLM Construction 2021


JDi’s VCC has dominated construction defect complex financial litigation  for over two decades. Our 30-year relationships with insurers, law firms,  and developers results in quick recovery every time.

Construction Defect Financial Claim Management

But… what is construction defect financial litigation? In a construction defect lawsuit, there are multiple parties owing a portion of all fees and costs. Having multiple parties involved in a construction defect lawsuit, most carriers/trades have no idea what they owe or even what they have already paid out, making the whole process extremely confusing and time consuming. That’s where JDi’s VCC come in.

While you and your client are disputing, our team handles all payments to the all vendors, experts, legal and defense costs at no extra cost to the law firm. This allows our clients to put all of their focus on the actual case, rather than have their thoughts muddled with confusing wages.

Watch our Director of VCC, Christine Erwin, explain the best practices for the financial litigation process in our short video: Construction Defect 101

Certificate of Insurance Autonomous Tracking

If your business uses multiple contractors, tracking certificates of insurance (COIs) should be a top priority. This is because  unfortunately 75% of U.S. businesses are underinsured  and 40% of small business owners have no insurance at all. Which means some of the third-parties you are using do not have the appropriate coverage. It’s important due diligence is done to make sure that every contractor working has compliant, up-to-date insurance. If not, you may be held responsible for costly mistakes and/or accidents they could cause.


Say Hi!

Our Founder and Chairman, James DeRosa, will be attending on behalf of our company and is eager to meet as many people as he can after being stuck home for over 18 months! If you see him, make sure to say ‘Hi!’ and let him know what needs you need met.

The CLM Construction Conference covers all aspects of insurance, risk, and claims management aspects of the insurance related to the construction industry. In addition to addressing construction defects and other hot topics, conference sessions will also address facets of construction site accidents/injuries, coverage issues, subcontractor issues, risk management, and new technologies. Sessions will address issues on the national, regional, and state levels. In addition to the interactive educational sessions, conference attendees will have many opportunities to network with other thought-leaders in the industry. #CLMConstruction