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“There’s an app for that”

That’s increasingly become the phrase that pays in the modern arena of business processes, with little-to-no complaints from consumers. The proliferation of mobile apps has shaken the foundation of how businesses conduct their operations and the investigation industry doesn’t escape unshaken. That said, how do investigators turn their mobile devices from simple phones and tablets into super-sleuthing supercomputers?

Finance Apps

Investigators are turning towards finance applications to manage the flow of money in their business. Generating invoices and processing payments has never been easier for investigators with the utilization of mobile apps.

  • Send money in a simple, painless process
  • Be notified instantly of any transaction
  • Create and send invoices

Ex: Paypal, Quickbooks

Time Tracking Apps

Time-tracking applications have become a necessity for investigators and their operations. With as many hours logged in the field working cases, investigators need the most efficient method for tracking them in order to avoid costly errors and complications. Time-tracking apps enable

  • Time to be accurately recorded in order to correctly bill a client
  • Investigators to document cases where the PI is required to do lengthy surveillance
  • Manage and organize time efficiently during investigations.

Ex: Toggl, Hours-Time Tracking

Documentation Apps

Documentation is critical in the investigation industry. Investigators have transitioned from traditional methods of capturing data to using mobile apps to record various forms of information. The mobile apps investigators seek must be able to

  • Keep records of observations, evidence, and interviews
  • Transcribe things into written notes
  • Share captured information with relevant parties

Ex: ColorNote Notepad Notes, Notability, Private Notepad

Now, we’re no math wizards, but we can see that as the scope of what investigators require from mobile applications increases, the amount of individual apps each PI would require would likewise increase. More apps translates to more confusion and more confusion leaves more room for error.

If only there were one app to replace them all…

TimesManager™, a JDi Data solution, answers the financial, time tracking, and documentation needs of investigators with additional capabilities tacked on for extra credit.  Invoice Review and Flexible Billing are two of the financial features the system offers, while tracking time via user-generated time slips. Users can also utilize the application to capture photographs using their mobile device’s built in camera and embed them in notes recorded about a particular scene. While the platform’s versatility allows users to accomplish a variety of tasks, it is still extremely user-friendly; the risk of error through confusion brought to an absolute minimum. TimesManager™ is the “one-stop-shop” for investigators looking to harness the full power of mobile applications in their industry.