The City of Wilson, NC works with a lot of worker’s compensation claims as they are responsible for setting the policy and direction of the city. DJi was able to create a customizable Claims Manager system that provided a seamless transition from their current system into a system that is saving them money and increasing productivity.




We Built This City

The City of Wilson engaged JDi in 2012 to license its claims administration software, Claims Manager™ (CM™), to improve workers’ compensation (WC) claims management process and identify and mitigate risk. Importing Wilson’s existing claim data from disparate legacy systems was the challenging part of the project. “The JDi team’s experience in this arena was apparent as they could import the data to create a seamless transition to their software,” explains Greg Mercer, Wilson workers’ compensation coordinator of 15 years. “JDi was able to complete the build and configurations from start to finish on an extremely aggressive timeline. Additionally, even with the cost increases in the past 12 years, we now spend half of what we used to for WC payouts.”

Wilson’s Workers’ Compensation Claims Bolstered by JDi

Wilson is a city in and the county seat of Wilson County, NC. Located approximately 40 miles east of the capital city of Raleigh, it is served by the interchange of I-95 and US Route 264.

Officially incorporated in 1849, the Wilson city council consists of a mayor and seven city council members. Wilson is a council-manager form of government, the most prevalent form of municipal governance in the United States. Under this form of government, the city council is responsible for setting the policy and direction of the city, and the council hires a professional manager to implement the determined path.

So, Greg Mercer, WC coordinator, had a plethora of claims processing on his plate, which he addressed by revamping Wilson’s entire WC program, including rebuilding its system with JDi’s expertise. Mercer surrounded himself with the competence and commitment of claims adjusters, department managers, colleagues, and JDi technology to ensure success.

Mercer was impressed with how JDi personalized Wilson’s CM program seamlessly, collaborating closely with the city IT experts to upgrade the WC claims process. Bill Sileo, JDi senior business analyst, customer service trainer, and Stephanie Dauberman, JDi senior client advocate, provide Wilson with the hands-on assistance and personalization necessary for a flawless operation. “It is my pleasure to collaborate with them on this endeavor. Our potential with JDi is enormous,” says Mercer.

CM is a great tool to help the city of Wilson alleviate manual processes, physical paper, and the risk of being non-compliant. Wilson is the perfect candidate for CM when it needs a centralized claims documentation system to keep it audit-proof. CM has allowed Wilson to discern and deny claims and reduce employee and WC costs.

Mercer attributes CM expert loss/run reports that individualize claims and precise litigation reports for zero complaints about the information he generates. “It’s so clear, accurate, and easy to understand, plus CM is user-friendly, requiring little training,” claims Mercer.

Mercer summarizes, “The collaboration and implementation of JDi’s CM turned out better than I could have ever expected due to the successful people around me and an innovative, responsive partner. We don’t fully use JDi’s potential toward creating a paperless environment. So, I look forward to further automating and cross-referencing our WC claims processing with JDi’s technology and services.”