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Why Invest in Policy Administration Software?

Policy Administration software not only reduces your workload, but it also keeps you organized, secures your information, and enables you to work smarter not harder. A robust system that can handle multiple reporting functions, with real-time updates, is the key to your success.

What is it?

Policy Admin is an insurance software that can simplify your policy writing procedure from start to finish. It can handle:

  • Rating
  • Quoting
  • Policy creation
  • Outlook integration
  • Document management
  • Tracking and more!


With all these functions that it handles, it keeps your data updated and valid. Any changes made to the information will be inputted and integrated with your outlook for convenience. You will always know what is going on with your policies. With our innovative platform, you will be able to access those changes and connect preferred emails to certain policies. After all, efficiency is key.

What can I use it on?

Policy Admin is your personal assistant. By housing all reports, bills, and invoices, you can easily monitor the life cycle of policies from any internet connecting device.

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What it Does for You

Policy Admin works to write, rate, and quote policies across any line of business. Our team of experts is able to provide an innovative user experience by leveraging decades of knowledge within the insurance industry.

Additionally, it can calculate lost revenue, so you will always know where opportunities for ROI are. Depending on the customizable features of the software for each unique user, you can have different tracking and reminders activated to keep you organized and orderly. Policy Admin will also alert you of any compliance issues that can arise.

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Implementation of the software is simple, easy, and un-stressful. JDi’s deployment specialists ensure onboarding is as relaxing as a day at the beach. Changes can be made to benefit you and the business to be more productive. With a friendly user interface and a high brand reputation in the market, people trust this software to house and handle their policies.

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