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Components of Success for All Underwriting Professionals

Usher in the next generation of policy management with our web-based policy administration solution. From issuing quotes to sending invoices and receiving correspondence, PolicyAdministrator™ has the versatility for you to perform a multitude of functions within a single system.

Policy Creation & Tracking

Billing and Invoicing

Policy Administrator serves as an end-to-end platform for tracking, managing,
and issuing policies. Our solution remains user-friendly, while incorporating a
variety of features to increase productivity.

Customizable billing rates and invoice descriptions places a quick-and-easy
billing process at your fingertips. Reduce the time and resources allocated
towards billing with this simplified, quick solution.

Rating & Quoting

Rapid Reporting

A configurable, real-time rating engine makes PolicyAdministrator™ capable of
pro-rating and short-rating policy modifications with financial significance
through the life cycle of a policy. A “hover bubble” displays the relevant
information whenever a rate is visible to a user.

PolicyAdministrator provides real-time policy reporting and analysis. Our built
in report library provides ready-made templates for your use, while also
providing customization for your policy reporting. Once data is compiled into
reports, utilize the platform’s functionality to easily share them with other
administrators of the system.

Document Management

Outlook Integration

Capturing document activity is crucial to enhancing efficiency.
PolicyAdministrator possesses the versatility to manage uploaded, scanned,
and shared documents, facilitating the creation of the most intricate policies
and easing the tracking process overall.

Our clients’ convenience is at the forefront of our thoughts as we provide easy access to relevant emails and calendar events. With full integration into
Microsoft Outlook, users can sync the platform with their inbox and calendar automatically or manually.