Benefits of Using Policy Administrator with Claims Manager

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Using Policy Administrator and Claims Manager creates one integrated system to access policies and claims thus reducing complexity and streamlining the workflow. Additional Value of having a consolidated infrastructure includes having access to both claims & policies from a single login with permission rights. Coverage can be determined at claim creation with the date reported and the date of the incident.



  • Income Loss Ratio Reporting provides general overview of where the policy stands including:
    • Total Income from all policies (Premium + Fees)
    • Total Claim payments (Indemnity + Expense)
    • Adjust debits and credits on renewals
  • Producer reports
    • Ability to identify producer performance (Avg. Loss Ratio)
    • Use to renegotiate commissions, rates, or drop producer all together
  • Reporting data warehouse
    • Build any report/dashboard from a single database
  • Ability to drill down to claim level to see how much is left on the policy limits (expense + indemnity)

Policy History Tracking

    • Review policy changes over time
    • Robust policy versioning (real-time)
      • Full history with details
        • Endorsements
        • New net premium
        • Highlights activity in PDF links in Docs Tab


  • Ability to produce Indication quotes
    • Watermark quote
  • Auto document creation
    • Details of insureds on policy creation


Billing queue

  • User rights
  • Third-party accounting system integration


JDi has produced a revolutionary self-serving workflow module that alters the system’s behavior based on your configurable business rules. The system enables you to configure your unique business processes by creating workflow rules. This allows users to automatically send email alters, assign tasks, update field values based on defined rules, and even create documents automatically based on events.