For 25 years, JDi Data has provided a premiere suite of business solutions – the ultimate toolkit for risk mitigation and complex financial litigation.

We offer best in class software solutions for professionals in Construction Defect Litigation, AI Risk Transfer, Indemnity, Defense, Environmental, Asbestos, Tort and Personal Injury.

Transparency, proven controls, and sophisticated analytics keep the legal and insurance industries in the know. Empower your workforce using the right people, process, and technology.

ClaimsManager is an integrated, risk management solution designed to streamline workflows to administer, adjust, and report property and casualty claims. Featuring a custom report builder, users can build reports in a summary format for transactions, losses, and extract / claim diaries. The customizable widget library gives users easy access to data on a completely configurable system. With ClaimsManager you can handle all of your claim information in one place autonomously. 

Policy Administrator serves as an end-to-end platform for tracking, managing, and issuing policies. With customizable billing rates and invoice descriptions – PA provides a simplified, fast solution for a billing process. Real-time policy reporting and analysis gives users the ability to make decisions in real time while organizing data in ready-made or custom policy reports. The solution can even be fully integrated with Microsoft outlook, so users can sync the platform with their email and calendar. 

Flowbot is the ultimate solution for creating integrated workflows. Manual or time consuming tasks can now be securely transformed into an AI powered workflow – powering your system through strategic automation. 

Large scale processes can now be reduced to a single kick-off step through the power of our pre-built connectors. AI process automation is the solution for translating single tasks into integrated systems.

JDi’s VCC has dominated construction defect financial litigation management since 1996. Construction Defect, AI Risk Transfer, Indemnity Defense, Environmental, Asbestos, Tort and Personal Injury.

JDi’s Flowbot adds workflow and automation notifications to the Vendor Cost Control process. The transparency, proven controls and sophisticated analytics keep the legal and insurance industries in the know. These features combined with JDi’s customer service, communication, collaboration and commitment keep VCC as the number one solution for the legal community. 

Recovery, Reconciliation, and Reporting: an end-to-end solution from JDi. 

Designed by industry experts for industry experts – CTrax is a game-changing SAAS solution to track and manage Certificates of Insurance efficiently.

      CTrax is designed and configurable to mitigate risk in contracts involving third parties. Improve compliance and transfer risk with our advanced features including:  a two-step smart-capture OCR Process, which achieves 99% accuracy when reviewing Certificates of insurance. Ctrax provides automatic notifications of renewal emails and compliance alerts while serving as a comprehensive COI library. Complete with reporting dashboards to aid with real-time decision making, CTrax offers unlimited user profiles so your entire compliance department can have complete transparency into the COI tracking process. 

TimesManager is a cloud-based solution, designed to offer easy accessiblity to time and expense slips, split billing, documents, clients, projects and assignments – right from the convenience of a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

TimesManager offers a unique quasi Customer Relationship Management tool – featuring acmes to data syncing, speech recognition, and time tracking for instant billing. Used by consultants, adjusters, accountants, mediators and law firms, TimesManager is a best in class time management and billing system

The TimesManager™ mobile app is available in the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.