Public Risk Management Association (June 7-10)

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So what exactly is all the buzz about for this year’s most popular public risk management conference in Houston, Texas?

About the Risk Management Association

Besides allowing attendees to learn in the Houston Museum of Natural History, the NASA Johnson Space Center, and across downtown Houston, the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) is dedicated to you, yes, you!

For years, this annual conference has been serving the public sector risk management professionals and supplying them with the knowledge they need in order to exceptionally manage risk in schools, cities, states, and tribal nations.

From handling insurance claims to tracking quote and underwriting activity, our Claims Manager insurance software and Policy Administrator service are 100% functioning for those in need of a reliable and productivity-increasing solution. 

The PRIMA Annual Conference is the perfect opportunity for bringing together solutions like ours, with efficiency seekers like you!

What Is So Extraordinary About This Conference?

Now you may be asking, “What is so extraordinary about this conference’s level of importance in the industry, and why should I attend?”

Truth be told, PRIMA is engulfing your learning curve this summer by providing 30-minute cram sessions, extensive workshops, and traditional 1.25-hour classroom sessions to supply each attendee’s brain with powerful knowledge, along with the tools they need in order to manage risk successfully in their business.

In fact, JDi Data’s innovations are your solutions for doing just that.

Conference Contents

Please take a preview look at our eye-catching brochure to get the uncanny details of our innovative products, and make sure you pick up the full, 3-D copy at PRIMA’s Annual Conference in Houston during early June (7-10). And always remember, we implement impressive solutions in order to simplify your (work) life. 

When: June 7th-10th, 2015

Where: George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX