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A key feature within Claims Manager is a “QuickkStor” plug-in. QuickStor is a part of the Claims Manager document repository system that allows you to upload emails from Outlook and documents from your file explorer straight to Claims Manager.

To install the plugin go to “utilities” and click on “QuickStor”. A window will appear with a download link just click it and follow the installation instructions.

Once it is installed open “Outlook” and you should have a QuickStor upload icon, click the icon and go to “settings” to connect to Claims Manager. Before you can enter your username and password you will need to log in to Claims Manager from your browser and paste their URL leading up to /JDICM. Now you can enter the same username and password you use for Claims Manager. 

It is important to note that with a quick store plugin you can either upload an email from outlook or you can right-click a document from your computer and send a QuickStor upload.

  • When uploading an email in Claims Manager begin by searching for the intended upload target. You can choose the target to be either a claim, policy, or user. In this case, we will be attaching the email to a claim, select the claim then choose the document type and subtype.  Depending on your QuickStor configuration the node type may be a required field that would be displayed in a note field within the Claims Manager. 

After adding a description and notes you may also notify other users that may be working on the same claim. The user will receive an email notifying them that a document has been uploaded and will provide them with a link to the document folder within the Claims Manager. The file will be located in the document type that you selected prior to uploading, if you need to move the file you can do so by clicking the checkbox then going to the dropdown menu and selecting move to a different folder.

You can also export the document from this menu if required, you can also view all the incoming documents by going to “utilities” and clicking on “incoming documents”. This captures all documents that may be coming into a third-party integration system such as bill reviews and portals.

Here you will see all the documents attached to the Claims Manager database that needs to be acknowledged they have been moved to the correct claim file or must be reassigned to a new claim or employee.