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I have had the pleasure of working with JDi Data since 2012. The City of Wilson engaged with JDi to license their claims administration software, Claims Manager, to improve our claims management process, as well as identify and mitigate risk. Importing our existing claim data from disparate legacy systems was a part of the project we knew would be challenging. The JDi team’s experience in this arena was apparent as they were able to import the data to create a seamless transition to their software. JDi was able to complete the build and configurations from start to finish on a very aggressive timeline.

Greg Mercer

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Using JDi’s Claims Manager system, our operational efficiency has increased allowing us to focus on the needs of our business rather than manual entry of data across multiple platforms. The system itself is easy to use and gives me the option to see the important stuff right away through its dashboards, advanced reporting capabilities, and predictive modeling / trend analysis. Since licensing the product, visibility throughout our company has drastically improved, overall allowing the important decisions to be made in a timely manner.

Steve Nickell

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The JDi team does more for us than a client would expect from a software vendor. They have been truly there for the entire process and more importantly, they remain so today. The support staff is knowledgeable about the product and our business, always available by phone and email, and typically address critical issues in minutes. They do not stop at supporting their existing clients and continue to bring innovative ideas for new features and user experience.

Mariangela Caraballo