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One of the main components of success is an effective marketing strategy.  Having positive media coverage that’s coupled with a strong online presence will help boost credibility and gain acknowledgement amongst the masses.  If a company attains quality media coverage while producing superior products and services, then they’ve laid the foundation for becoming a reputable brand.  Unfortunately, the internet is a massive place that is filled with unnecessary data and frivolous marketing schemes that bog down the entire process.  This has created a swamp of inferior products and irrelevant information that requires sorting through, wasting both the company’s time and money, and the customers’ as well.
Luckily, the internet also play’s home to plenty of verified sources of information that serve as respected references.  One of these is the Risk Management Society (RIMS), a well-established group that was originally founded in 1950 as the National Insurance Buyers Association.  Of course, the society didn’t become reputable overnight.  It took them serving the insurance industry for the past 67 years, while hosting hundreds of seminars, luncheons, and educational presentations that earned them an irrefutable reputation as a reliable resource.  These days, the Society represents “more than 3,500 corporate, industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable, and government entities throughout the world”.  Including JDi, with over a decade of firsthand experience with RIMS through our local Broward County chapter.
This is why JDi Data is proud to announce our recently released profile page on the RIMS Marketplace.  The Marketplace itself is a “content-driven network” that delivers opportunities for businesses to showcase their products and services to a 30-billion-dollar industry in a dynamic environment that is affiliated with a certified, credible brand.  Currently, our profile features an array of JDi products (with a short description) and a link to their dedicated website.  What is more, is that JDi Data’s Claims Manager® was also recently announced in the RIMS Marketplace Round-up, a monthly newsletter that highlights notable companies that are affiliated with the website.  In all, our new profile page on the RIMS Marketplace is an exciting new addition to our marketing campaign that establishes JDi Data as a brand you can trust.  Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming white papers on featured products and other additional company info!