Former RIMS Presidents Examine Risk Management`s Changing Markets

Scroll to: newest discussion showcases that risk managers need to start getting more face time with senior management to prepare them for a hardening market, particularly given the current state of the economy, according to former presidents of the Risk & Insurance Management Society Inc.

Comments from former RIMS presidents

“You need to prepare management for what is happening,” said Lou Drapeau, 1996-97 RIMS president and director of risk management for the University of Kentucky in Lexington. Lance Ewing, 2003-04 RIMS president and now Cordova, Tenn.-based regional industry practice leader-hospitality and leisure for Chartis Inc., also stressed the importance of preparing management for a changing market. The risk management community is “living the poor economy,” he said. During a wide-ranging panel discussion featuring former RIMS presidents at this week’s conference in Philadelphia, Mr. Ewing advised his listeners to “know your data,” because underwriters need that information.
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