Taking Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) To the Next Level

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The way in which businesses use and interact with technology is changing dramatically.  Today’s, well-designed, SaaS solution-based claims management software options have transformed business processes to reap huge financial and operational rewards. JDi Data SaaS model pushes to raise the bar on effectively managing claims at a low cost.  Our goal is to step out of just being a software company providing a service, but an innovator that equips each client with strategic thinking skills, industry knowledge, and an unmatched team of experienced professionals to offer you the most complete solutions possible.

The SaaS model

The software-as-a-service model takes your technology options to a new level. For many companies large and small, SaaS has quickly become the most ideal way to roll out new technology.

The SaaS model relieves clients of several issues and concerns:

  • The vendor works on an ongoing basis for the client. The idea is to relieve the IT department of system maintenance. With over 30 years of software development expertise, our mission is to be active listeners when it comes to clients’ needs in order to pursue intuitive software solutions with creativity and passion to exceed expectations. All upgrades are automatically released as they are produced to give you the latest and greatest system at all times without additional fees. Have a new employee or need additional training? Ongoing training is always provided at any point as a client.
  •  Less-risky investment. The SaaS model results in the software being more cost-effective, high in quality, and low in risk. An affordable monthly fee makes the monetary risk lower and less scary without taking away from the high quality and superior service.

Take advantage of the opportunity to make your software work for you.