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New Technology

Recently, customer expectations towards insurance companies have shifted. Clients expect insurance companies to relate to them as noninsurance retail companies do. The baselines are different; modern insurance companies must be proactive in order to remain relevant.

Online-based insurance companies have, contrary to a long-established norm, been popping up. While mistrust of online-based companies deterred them, new policies and a shift in the public perception of online companies has resulted in insurance companies venturing into the (relatively) new frontier that is the internet.

The onset of innovation, from relatively new technology such as sensors on cars and trucks which can lead to the prevention of road accidents, just as well the development of smart homes and factories alike will give rise to transformational reforms within the insurance claims management sector.

Caroline Anstey, former Managing Director of World Bank once said:

“It’s sometimes said integrity is how you act when no one else is watching. The reality today is with the power of modern technology we can all watch to varying degrees. Technology can give real meaning to transparency and accountability; can help bring sunshine to the darkness. But technology is also human-made and human-driven. Technology can help. Integrity will always count.”

Technology is indeed transforming the insurance sector by tackling more data that will combat fraud in our world today.

Managing Customer Preferences and Expectations

We are living in the digital epoch, and the millennial generation will comprise 75% of the workforce by the year 2025. Recent studies show that millennials contact their insurance company twice as much compared to previous generations. Insurance companies have to regularly engage the public on various platforms in order to be reachable and maintain a continuous customer experience.

In regards to text messages and other forms of personalized communication, insurance companies are lagging behind. A study by Accenture indicates that only 22% of insurance companies have launched personalized, real-time digital or mobile services. Furthermore, the organizations that have launched the products are recording high rates of dissatisfaction from their users. Likely these experiences are growing pains and have to be endured and made better.

To circumnavigate these obstacles, firms will seek Integration of systems that provide capabilities like physical, web-based, and mobile communications to efficiently serve their clientele.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Both homes and businesses are utilizing sensors that enable more accurate monitoring in event of catastrophes like fire and flooding. The data gathered is analyzed and used to devise safety education for home and business owners. The synergy between in-house sensors and education produces better decision making and a reduction in incidents.

Excellent predictive analytics and claims leakage data will ultimately reduce the information errors, and gaps. This methodology increases the accuracy and preparedness of the insurance firm.

Claims Adjusting Quality and Severity Management

Firms will transition to adopting several behaviors to increase their efficiency and, ultimately, overall profits.

  • Better risk management: once your business can analyze and attempts to quantify the potential for losses appropriate action taken.
  • Better data on claims incidents: Gaining a clearer insight on the cost of risks are very expected to reduce overall claims volumes from large commercial policyholders.
  • Improved accuracy of data: The systems that will be adopted will reduce data redundancy and prevent future and current errors.

How can you become proactive?

JDi Data has created a claims management system that will help you avoid errors, automate processes, improve overall efficiency. Their innovative software enables you to traverse the new technological frontier that has only recently become accessible.

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