This Month’s Construction Defect Headlines

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Runaway Beach Club Condominium Association Recovers In Excess Of $3 Million For Construction Defects –

The Runaway Beach Club Condominium Association announced today that it has recovered in excess of $3,000,000.00 for a construction defect lawsuit against the various parties involved in the development and construction of the resort community. The project, originally constructed as apartments in 2001, and later converted to condominiums, is comprised of 192 units and is located in Kissimmee, Florida.

Caltrans calls for Sacramento Bee to retract a story that raised concerns about new Bay Bridge –

The California Department of Transportation is asking the Sacramento Bee to retract a story that raised concerns about the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge’s structural integrity.

Boymelgreen, Africa Israel settle with AG over 20 Pine construction defects –

The developers of 20 Pine Street, led by Africa Israel USA, have settled a probe by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for allegedly covering up construction defects at the troubled condominium, but are facing a new $20 million lawsuit from unit owners over the same charges.

Company files suit related to spill near Port Manatee in 2011

HRK Holdings has filed suit against 10 companies it claims are responsible for flooding at its property near Port Manatee and eventual dumping of water into Tampa Bay. An estimated 169 million gallons of seawater gushed into Bishop Harbor last year after a rupture in a plastic lining where dredge material was being processed at the company’s facility. HRK claims it suffered as a result and seeks damages. The company had a contract with the port to handle material dredged during a port construction project.