what is claims management process

What is the Claims Management Process?

Everyone has some insurance nowadays. Basically, you have insurance, and when damage occurs that your insurance policy covers, you can relax because you are insured. This is where Claims Management...

CLM 2021 Atlanta JDi Show Sponsor

CLM Annual Conference 2021

We’re back on the road again! For us at JDi, the CLM Annual Conference has always been a time to look forward to during the year. The event is a...

Claims Management System

Claims Management System

  Claims are the core of the insurance industry, so dealing with the flow of claims is one of the most important parts of any insurance company’s business. When it...

Under construction, helmet and bricks for building site

Vendor Cost Control: Construction Defect 101

  Our Director of Vendor Cost Control, Christine Erwin gives valuable insight into preparing for HB301 and best practices for the financial litigation process in this quick YouTube video. Vendor...

How to be highly productive at work

How To Be Highly Productive At Work

  We all know that one person at work who is always highly efficient and seems to breeze through the day. Somehow, they manage to respond to all emails and...


Better Support Operations

  JDi Data Corporation has been using an enhanced, sophisticated technological infrastructure since 2014 when we began moving our base to the cloud. We’re thankful for our foresight because, with...

Claims Manager

What is Claims Manager? How does it work?

What is Claims Manager? Claims Manager ® is a comprehensive and specifically designed multi-level insurance software product, created with small to mid-tier claims departments in mind. The software allows for...

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