JDi’s Extended Family Gives Back – Vietnam Big Build

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Giving back to the community is an essential part of JDi’s identity. All of us take great pride when a member of the JDi family devotes time to a cause as impactful as the Habitat for Humanity. Earlier this month Alesia Strachan joined a team of volunteers traveling to Phu Tho, the Northern and poorest province of Vietnam. Households earn less than $6 per month and 15% of the population lives below the poverty line.

The team’s mission was to assist in constructing a new home for Luong Thi Kim Hoan, a 62-year-old widow living in a small home with her daughter and granddaughter. Prior to the team’s arrival, the home was made up of tile, leaves, and plastic sheets that covered some of the holes in the roof. Leaks occurred often, summer months were especially brutal with the sheets creating stuffy conditions, and the cold weather during winter would make inhabiting the small home unsafe.

The team of volunteers over the course of a couple of days was going to change that. Starting with the foundation on day one, the team then focused on laying bricks.
By day four all bricklaying had been completed and all that remained was the roof to be completed once the bricks settled.

On behalf of everyone at JDi, a very special thank you to our extended family member Alesia Strachan for her hard work and effort.