Athens Services was able to eliminate their manual processes, reduce physical paper and decrease the risk of being non-compliant using JDi’s Claims Manager system. It provided a centralized claims documentation and processing system allowing the company to mitigate risks.

Athens Services Revs Up Its Claims Processing

Athens Services discovered JDi in search of a service to improve its claims processing system. Mariangela Carabello is Athens Services’ senior claims manager. She was profoundly impressed with what she read online, but even more so by James DeRosa, JDi chairman, and founder, who personally flew to Los Angeles, CA, to discuss, determine and develop a customized Claims Manager® (CM®). After implementing CM, Athens Services could track each claim meticulously without audit risk.

JDi Customizes Claims Management Process for Athens Services

Athens Services was determined to find a more efficient claims processing service. After extensive online research, they chose JDi to customize their program, implementing JDi’s Claims Manager® (CM®). Athens Services is a family-owned and -operated recycling and waste diversion leader in Southern California that has been a fixture in the greater Los Angeles community for the past 60 years. It provides innovative, consistent, and quality environmental services to over 250,000 customers in the 50+ communities it serves. Through reuse, recycling, and composting, Athens diverts valuable resources from landfills.

“The JDi team does more for us than a client would ever expect from a service/software vendor. They have been right there for the entire process, and more importantly, they remain so today. The support staff is knowledgeable about the product and our business, always available by phone and email, and typically addresses critical issues in minutes. They continually support their existing clients and continue bringing innovative ideas for new features and user experiences,” explains Mariangela Caraballo, senior claims manager at Athens Services since 2007.

CM is an efficient and effortless tool to help Athens Services alleviate manual processes, physical paper, and the risk of being non-compliant. It was the perfect candidate for Athens providing a centralized claims documentation and processing system to keep it audit-proof.

JDi’s CM implementation was smooth, with few hiccups. Merging communication and financial records from larger accounts managed by third-party administrators required finessing. But once up and running, it was flawless, according to Caraballo.

“CM’s ease of use with minimal training is a huge benefit,” claims Caraballo. “CM is user-friendly, requiring fewer steps to process our claims. It’s a considerable time and cost savings overall. CM is a game-changing solution.”

CM makes it easier to facilitate and oversee Athens’ claims and follow-up, which are varied and complex. CM provides tracking reminders for each claim requiring attention. A crisp, clean end-of-month run/loss report shows actual expenditures for repairs, accidents, litigation; it conveniently tracks individual drivers’ records and claims history, which Athens uses for quarterly employee evaluation and coaching.

Athens Services provides valuable insights, feedback, and challenges JDi continuously to enhance and hone its claims management solutions.

“The pillars of our business are service, people, and environment,” concludes Caraballo. “JDi has connected with Athens Services’ pillars at our core for more than a decade. I respect and appreciate DeRosa, Bill Sileo, JDi senior business analyst and customer service trainer, and Stephanie Dauberman, JDi senior client advocate. They are always there for us.”