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Located just steps from Disneyland’s downtown district in Anaheim, California is this year’s West Coat Casualty Construction Defect Event. The seminar has been a success since 1993, which is ironically when JDi Data’s first of many management solutions was developed and manufactured. It only makes sense that we attend, right? For those who are unfamiliar with their business, West Coast Casualty is a globally recognized leader in field of third party claims administration, claims educational services, and independent claims adjusting. They are an up-to-date company that prides themselves on using advanced technologies to increase productivity, control expenses, and improve customer satisfaction from coast-to-coast.

This west coast event has been a highlighting feature for construction defect issues throughout the world. The event production team goes to great measures to make sure each previous attendee’s thoughts and opinions are heard, in order to create an even greater seminar for the year to come. About two years ago, the theme, “Why Doing It Like We Always Did It Won’t Do Anymore”, for 2015s seminar was created. Coral Stern, President, states, “We concentrate our efforts on the most important people in this community, the attendees of our yearly events. Over the past years, we dedicated a lot of time to listening to those we serve at our seminars and we prepared our events with the ideas, suggestions and goals of the attendees in mind.” Using the past event surveys, as well as the facts about the constantly increasing number of construction defect claims, West Coast Casualty has been able to generate the most exquisite content for the upcoming seminar in May (13-15) 2015.

JDi Data is proud to be the claims administration solution sponsoring this prestigious construction defect event. Attending now for 16 years in a row, and again this May, we have been provided with continuously growing connections through West Coast Casualty’s ability to incorporate attendees who contribute to the many management aspects and industries involved with construction defect. Our Vendor Cost Control service manages and tracks all claim and defense financial data while providing high technology reporting and communication for construction defect claims as well as many others. Along with James DeRosa (Founder & Chairman), four other JDi Data innovators will be attending the upcoming event; Joe Wolczanski (CFO), Rene Englert (Client Relations Manager), Margaret Strachan (Senior Case Manager), and our most recent, West Coast addition, Beth Morris (Business Solutions Manager).Focusing on introducing our Vendor Cost Control solution to those not yet familiar, our team knows they will be welcomed by an attentive atmosphere filled with technology leading individuals and teams alike.