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If you’re anything like us, the sight of cranes and orange cones has grown familiar. In JDi’s South Florida home and in cities across the country, a construction boom is underway. Over the last decade, the manufacture and use of building materials has increased to meet construction demands. Defects in these building materials are slowly becoming apparent. In addition, other instances of construction defect are arising due to a demand for skilled workers that exceeds the existing supply, increasing the pressure on contractors to meet project needs.

In Florida alone, the number of annual construction defect complaints increased from 31 in 2008 to close to 1,000 in 2017. This has big implications for builders, contractors, and other industry players, in addition to the attorneys who will litigate these cases. Wherever you are in the construction defect litigation chain, now’s the time to make sure that you’re prepared to handle construction defect litigation as efficiently as possible.

The efficient solution to managing the large numbers of documents, dates, and players in construction defect litigation can be found in software such as JDi’s Vendor Cost Control. VCC provides comprehensive cost tracking solutions for complex litigation, allowing users to control data chaos to stay on top of construction defect, additional insured, indemnity, environmental and personal injury litigation, in addition to mediator billing and many other forms of litigation. A total end-to-end solution, VCC supports you through the entire life cycle of a construction defect claim, providing systems integration, claim tracking and management, KPI and control reports, and an easily navigable dashboard all accessible 24/7 with secure online portals and a mobile application.

To learn more about how Vendor Cost Control can streamline your cost tracking and improve your litigation management, contact one of our sales representatives. Our VCC lead Christine Erwin is also conducting a series of informational webinars on maximizing your Vendor Cost Control benefits. To tune in to the final webinar in the series, Reporting & Intelligence Analysis, sign up here.

Construction defect litigation is often complicated and unwieldy. With Vendor Cost Control as your financial management information authority, you can take back control of your complicated financials and streamline the management of any complex litigation. Learn more here.