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Certificate Of Insurance Tracking Solution | Coi Tracking Software

JDi Data’s CTrax is the best option available for businesses that are looking to maximize profits while mitigating risk through an automated cloud-based system.  For those in the Certificate of Insurance industry, CTrax is everything a business needs for dramatically reducing the amount of time invested in maintaining and organizing COIs.  The intuitive system scans documents into the system via a simple drag and drop upload and automatically populates forms with almost zero manual intervention.

The CTrax system operates on a cloud-based server that is available anywhere, anytime from any computer or mobile device with network coverage.  This provides direct and unlimited access to all of a business’s COIs and their accompanying documentation.  Once uploaded, everything in the cloud is immediately available from anywhere in the world so that there is never any downtime in waiting to receive and verify documents.  The collaborative environment is easy for coordinating mass uploads and makes all files instantly searchable by name, policy, and renewal date.

The cloud based product makes it easy to cut down the time for processing and storing Certificates of Insurance by allowing users to upload hundreds of certificates at a time.  JDi’s proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology readily understands the information being scanned into the system and organizes it according to its relevant information.  From there, it automatically fills out and records the forms into the system without any additional manual work.  The secure system stores all of the information into a safe location that guarantees privacy.

CTrax takes a futuristic approach to data entry and makes physically entering data an antiquated process.  Once all of the information has been successfully uploaded and populated, the system prompts the user for verification, ensuring that the data stays accurate.  Also, CTrax provides preconfigured ‘provider type’ templates that make COI requests easier than ever through a subscription based service that requires users to pay by the upload without any minimum requirements, and zero upfront investment.

The solution is easily affordable by any business, no matter the size, with prices starting off for as little as six dollars per certificate.  This means that the company saves not just time, but money too as CTrax accomplishes the same tasks at a fraction of the manual operating cost, competently removing the complexity and risk out of the COI process.  The extra time that the solution provides allows users to focus their efforts on more profitable areas of work.  The platform also delivers a convenient access portals for vendors, producers, and providers to easily upload, manage, and track the status of their COIs.

The improved collaborative environment doesn’t just save time, but it effectively reduces risk by ensuring that certificates always stay valid and up-to-date for accurate coverage.  Users are able to effortlessly configure the system for automated requests and renewals based upon their own predetermined parameters.  This safeguards against any slip of detail in the coverage process and assures that all contractors are properly insured and covered in the case that an incident arises.  CTrax saves time and money while lowering a company’s associated risk with an intuitive, turn-key system that is available for immediate use at a modest price.  Switch to JDi’s CTrax and start saving money today!