Immediate Sharing of Workers’ Compensation Injury Information

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Scottsdale, AZ – September 6, 2011 – In an effort to further streamline the workers’ compensation claims process and improve results, Company Nurse, the premier nurse hotline for workplace injuries, today announced that it has implemented an XML interface to JDi Data Corporation, a software provider for insurance claims.

A Word From Bill Sileo

Bill Sileo, consulting services manager at JDi Data, commented on the benefits to their mutual clients:

“Our Claims Manager software captures all relevant claims information. With a data feed from Company Nurse, we now empower claims adjusters with immediate injury information gathered during the initial injury intake process. Adjusters don’t waste time and effort in collecting the same data again. Instead, there is increased efficiency in the injury reporting and claims management process, increasing the opportunities for compliance, cost savings, and improved results.”

Traditionally, workers’ compensation has experienced the following challenges: late reporting of injuries; redundant efforts to collect data, which often resulted in discrepancies and errors; ensuring injured employees were referred to the most appropriate, cost-effective level of care; and enabling a seamless hand-off and collaboration among claims stakeholders.

De Kalb County School System

DeKalb County School System has been utilizing the Company Nurse hotline and JDi Data’s Claims Manager for several years and recently implemented the interface between the two companies.

“Company Nurse helps to facilitate timely injury reporting and appropriate medical care, while JDi Data assists in managing and tracking claims activity,”

said Michael S. Florio, Esq., director of risk management services, DeKalb County School System.

“Both organizations aid in improving the overall performance of our workers’ compensation program and relieving injured employees of uncertainty, and the interface now streamline the process even further, so DeKalb County School System can focus on its primary mission—to maximize our students’ social and academic potential and prepare them to compete in a global society.”

Paul Binsfeld, CEO of Company Nurse, commented on the simplicity of the process:

“Our nurse hotline represents a major innovation in the workers’ compensation claims process. It’s so easy to use that many clients achieve 100-percent compliance with mandated reporting timeframes. Our triage nurses—trained in occupational injury intake—gather all the necessary injury information, and using their medical expertise and our sophisticated algorithms, the nurses systematically refer cases to the best, most appropriate level of care—whether it’s first aid, an occupational clinic, or emergency care—and thereby, help to improve overall medical costs and outcomes.”

Company Nurse Workers' Compensation

About Company Nurse

The Company Nurse Injury Hotline enables organizations to make the “Right Call” for workplace injuries. As an independent facility, Company Nurse trains its triage nurses to be compassionate and objective when assessing employee injuries and medical needs. Our injury-triage process is founded on three important elements for workers’ compensation success:

1) Right Time – we respond on the Day of Injury, the earliest point at which to influence costs, outcomes, and employee satisfaction;

2) Right Care – our nurses refer employees to an appropriate level of care, whether first aid, clinic, or ER;

3) Right Results – clients reap optimal savings and a return on investment, while employees benefit from a prompt, compassionate response to their workplace injuries.

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