Your Personal Settings

Your Personal Settings in Claims Manager
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You can customize your experience within Claims Manager by going to “settings” and clicking your “personal settings”. Depending on your role you can set the “preferred line of business” that will show up on all your screens.

By default, when viewing items such as claims or policies your most “recently accessed” will display items from the last ten days. You can set this to the preferred number of prior days to populate the items you spend the most time on.

When it comes to “notifications” you can choose not to be notified or you can select the type of notifications you would like to receive. You can also set where to display the notification and for how long.

When viewing diaries, claims, or policies you can customize the grid and prioritize the columns to fit your needs.

You can add or remove columns by clicking the icon on the bottom left of the screen.

  • The left side shows all the items that are ready in the grid.
  • The right shows items you can add.

If there is a page you spend more time on and would like to make it the default when you log in. You can do so by going to “settings” and clicking “set this page as your home page”. The same can be done for tabs and claims or policies. If you prefer to land on the documents tab when checking a claim, select the tab then click on “set this tab as your default tab”.